• The Barn by Firehouse Antiques

    The Barn by Firehouse Antiques

    Yes, we bought a barn. Firehouse Antiques is expanding and we could not be more excited! About eight years ago, we went to a local estate sale here in New Harmony, IN and the wheels to grow our business really started turning. The family of our gentleman friend held the sale in this amazing old barn just two blocks from our shop. Although eight years ago the timing was not right for his family to sell the property, my husband and I let them know that if they ever sold the barn we were interested. Over the years we have walked our small town’s streets and dreamed of our expansion…

  • Vintage Halloween Items
    Firehouse Antiques,  Vintage Halloween

    Vintage Halloween

    We love vintage holiday decor here at Firehouse Antiques, and Halloween is no exception. It wasn’t until early in the 20th Century, that Halloween became a cultural occurrence. Americans began to have Halloween-themed parties, and the company Dennison Manufacturing, based in Framingham Massachusetts, took notice. Starting in 1909, Dennison produced some of the rarer items of Halloween ephemera, including invitations, place cards, decorations, and an annual catalog called Bogie Books.   Bogie Books were a how-to on hosting an adult-themed Halloween party, with menu, games, decoration, and costume suggestions, some of which were also sold by Dennison.  Bogie Books were published from 1909 to 1940, and they were an annual…

  • Firehouse Antiques

    Finding Original Farmhouse Antiques

    Hey antique lovers, Jeff and I just got back from Minnesota and we’d love to talk to you a little bit about one of the hottest trends we picked for this trip, farmhouse antiques! We absolutely love the trend of farmhouse antiques.  Our shop is filled with one-of-a-kind authentic farmhouse items, some of which you can view here. This trend appeals to a wide variety of people because it combines both beauty and function. Just stepping out our back door at Firehouse Antiques will lead you straight into some family farms that date back to New Harmony’s beginnings. As you might imagine from all the Indiana corn jokes, we are…

  • Antique Sign we found in Maine
    Firehouse Antiques

    Our Story – Firehouse Antiques

    When Jeff and I met in the early 1990s, HGTV was planning a show, “Building Character.” Anyone remember that show? Jeff and I loved the show! It inspired a dream in us to one day find a building in need of restoration, hopefully on Main Street in a small USA town, create a living space above a retail Antique Shop. It took us a few years since we had just started a family and built a home in Tennessee on Jeff’s family farm. In early 2003, we were invited to do the second annual New Harmony Golden Raintree antiques show in  New Harmony, IN and when Jeff arrived, our booth was right…