Our Dream, Firehouse Antiques


My husband Jeff grew up around the antique business. I found my love for vintage in my 20’s. It was one of the interests that brought us together. After we met in the early 1990’s, we had a dream of restoring a building, hopefully on a main street in a small town, and creating a retail shop with living space above it. After getting married, starting a family, and building a home on Jeff’s family farm, we still felt the pull of our dream to start our own antique shop.

In 2003 Jeff traveled to New Harmony, Indiana for the Golden Raintree Antique Show.  Jeff fell in love with New Harmony and called me excited to buy the town’s 100 year old firehouse so we could build our antique shop in a small town. After I visited New Harmony with Jeff the following week, we knew this would be our home. We packed up our business in Tennessee and moved our two girls to this small town in Indiana. We have accomplished a lot in New Harmony over the last 16 years. We received the first Jane B. Owen Award for Historic Preservation in 2005, our Firehouse was featured on HGTV, and within the last year we also bought a barn, a mid century fixer upper, a cottage, and for the last 16 years we have managed the New Harmony Antique Show that originally brought us here.

Jeff and I are so blessed by our New Harmony community and we always encourage others to find a small town, restore a building and start their own business. It was not an easy process to restore a 100 year old firehouse with two small girls and move away from Jeff’s family, but looking back we know that we were meant to move to New Harmony, Indiana and accomplish our dream. It’s been 16 years this September and each year is different. Our girls have grown up and moved out of town, and Jeff and I have continued to grow and change ourselves. We love our easy summer days where we travel the backroads and share the wonderful stories of the items we find and their history. We cannot imagine living somewhere that is not flanked with cornfields or the Wabash River. This is our home. You will often find us driving around our small town’s streets in our golf cart just enjoying our beautiful town and its friendly inhabitants. Come see us,  shop at Firehouse Antiques and take in the beauty of small town America, but be careful because you might get hooked on this lifestyle just like us!