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When the big box stores became popular, many small towns lost their small businesses that included hardware and drug stores. They closed their doors and never opened again.  Firehouse Antiques, Jeff and Cindy Smotherman,  want to preserve this lost history by sharing these items again with the public and make them available to collectors and future small businesses.  Finding these old stores that have been closed up can be a challenge since holding on to these items can feel like preserving their history.  As history has shown, buildings that are not used, can sometimes fall into disrepair before we know it and the items inside can be lost forever.

The items used in 1899 in small town America are still very appealing to new business owners who are considering setting up shop. Stepping back in time to a simpler time can be very attractive and is very sellable. Enough time has gone by since these stores have closed and we are willing to take the risk to share these items. We search for everything from the built in cupboards to the signs that sold the items inside.  Everything has value and we have the experience and knowledge to know what that value is.

We currently have buyers waiting for items from old stores. Early store pieces are very desirable to both the collector and small businesses like restaurants, who like to use the items to decorate. If you know of someone who has purchased an old building and it still has the original contents, such as showcases, wall cupboards, counter displays, please call us. If you are not the owner, but know someone who is, we will pay a finder’s fee to those who lead us to the find! 812-781-1390 is our shop cell phone. You can text us photos and we can let you know if what you have, is what we are currently looking to buy. We help shop owners decorate with antique display cases from old stores that have closed down.

Located in New Harmony’s 1899 Firehouse. Jeff and Cindy Smotherman, owners, opened Firehouse Antiques in 2003 and specialize in early American furnishings, American quilts, country store primitives, advertising, glassware, kitchenware, sterling and turquoise jewelry, vintage holiday decor, old postcards and vintage collectibles. Our passion is searching for early 1900s to vintage store display items for businesses who are setting up a shop. We believe early store displays can add character to a retail space or restaurant. Contact us if you are currently searching these types of items. We have references and photos to show what we have found for other small businesses.

Firehouse Antiques on Main Street in New Harmony, Indiana, preserving and sharing America’s history.

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