Our Fixer Upper

An Inside Look At Our Fixer Upper

In our last post, Our Fixer Upper, I blogged all about the outside of our mid-century home on Brewery Street. Now is the second part, a post about some of the work we are doing on the inside. The most important piece of advice I can share is to consult an expert! Professionals know their business and for the interior house remodel I reached out to friends and valued customers.

After closing the sale of our barn, now The Barn by Firehouse Antiques, we contacted our friend Emily. She shared many ideas how we could renovate the space to reflect our style as well as maintain the conveniences we need for everyday living. I knew from spending time with her that she knows about renovating and decorating on a budget, which is exactly how Jeff and I like to operate.

After deciding that we would like to make this our forever home our plan changed a little. Yes, we are considering moving out of the Firehouse. (Stay tuned for another blog post on how you might be able to spend the night in The Firehouse.) I felt overwhelmed by the amount of changes we would need to make and I wanted this home to be functional for us for many years to come. That’s when I decided to contact Laura Werner. Laura is a professional interior designer who designs entire homes. You should see her home transformation! You can check out some of her work on her Instagram page or contact her for your own consultation.

We met Laura through our shop, Firehouse Antiques when she was making purchases for her clients. To put my faith in someone’s advice, I have to know, like, and trust them, and that is how I describe Laura. I believe in her talent and vision. She works in our Evansville metro market daily and her input has been invaluable.

With the combination of our friends, neighbors, customers, contractors and Laura, we now have a plan and a vision for the Brewery Street interior remodel. Now onto the fun stuff. The pictures and what we have accomplished inside the house.

We started off in the kitchen. My husband with the help of our dear friend Marty and Pfister, demoed the existing kitchen and left a wonderful blank slate so we could create the kitchen of our dreams. After going back and forth regarding the style we wanted in the home, we decided to stay true to our Farmhouse roots, but with a modern twist. We recently redid the upstairs shower at Firehouse Antiques with subway tile and I love it. I decided to use  open shelving over the white subway tile and install white lower cabinets to give the kitchen a light airy feel. Our sun-room is an all wood light pine and to pull the two spaces together, the open shelving in the kitchen will be a light pine as well. This will be the perfect space to display our most treasured finds. We are still working out the details on where to put the microwave or if we should have an ornate vent hood over the stove or maybe something vent-less. We found an antique cast iron meat hook that I want to use to help me pull black accents into the kitchen.

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below with how you think we can make this kitchen functional and maintain our farmhouse charm. Any ideas or advice before we start?

Next is the bathroom. The house currently only has one bathroom and this will not work for us. Jeff and I each like to have a space of our own and we also have two grown daughters who live out of town and will frequently stay with us. This led us to turn one of the small bedrooms into a bathroom suite for Jeff and me and then rework the current bathroom as a bathroom for visitors. The next step for us is to tear out parts of the current bathroom so the contractors can begin the plumbing and electrical work in this space. We will also be moving the washer and dryer downstairs.

We continue to develop our vision for our new home and some of our plans may change, so we will keep you guys updated. We would love any feedback so let us know what you would do in the comments below.

Jeff and I are pouring ourselves into this home as well as The Barn by Firehouse Antiques all the while continuing to pick new items for our store front, Firehouse Antiques, and did I mention we are back to doing estate sales! We could not be more excited about the point we are at in our lives. As with all our projects, we are putting over 50 years combined experience in our projects. We encourage you to come see us at Firehouse Antiques and subscribe to our newsletter email list so you stay up to date on all our events. We will continue to post updates on our Facebook and Instagram. We are always available to come out and view any items you have for sale or look over your estate and talk you through the estate liquidation process. Consultations are always free. Contact us here for any of your needs.





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Hey everyone! My name in Cindy Smotherman. I’m a beginner blogger. My husband Jeff and I live in small town America, the Town of New Harmony, Indiana. We have over 27 years of antique experience and we own and operate Firehouse Antiques. Check out our page and feel free to contact us!


  • Sue Kramer

    I applaud your efforts! My comment relates to the trend to place the microwave at a lower cabinet level: No! No! No! As we age, bending over to look at items we routinely microwave can become a major problem! Although having the ornamental vent hoods is beautiful, having the microwave positioned at eye level is best! Possible positioning above a wall oven so that you can still have your hood/vent above the stove! Good Luck! We look forward to seeing you in the store soon! Larry and Sue

    • Firehouse Antiques

      Oh I agree, I believe we are placing it in a cabinet next to refrigerator- I will share our plans here when we get them. I’ve really enjoyed over my stove microwave but want a decorative hood this time so I am looking into all the options. Thanks for you thoughts, I really appreciate the insight!

    • Firehouse Antiques

      I need to come over today and take another look. My only concern is bending over. Counter level in a cabinet next to the refrigerator is how the plans are drawn now. Thanks MaryBeth I appreciate your insight & inspiration.

  • Sloane

    Hey Cindy,

    Stumbled across your blog looking at your sale. Having completed a southern Indiana mcmo Reno myself, I recognize the tile in your sunroom. I had the same and mine was asbestos, yours may or may not be. Not a big deal if you leave it, or seal it, and tile over it, but don’t rip it out if you haven’t had it tested. 😉 Your kitchen is gorgeous!

    • Firehouse Antiques

      Thanks so much for your comment and since this house was built in 1950, the tiles have all been covered. We have had a lot of help from friends along the way and we appreciate you letting us know too. Have a great day. Hope to see you at a sale sometime or in our shop if you ever visit New Harmony.

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