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Estate Sales Are Back At Firehouse Antiques

Our customers love to shop estate sales and they kept asking when we would be returning this service, so here it is!  We are back to doing estate sales. For more than 25 years we have worked with our community to help liquidate estates in Nashville, Tennessee and through our shop, Firehouse Antiques in New Harmony, Indiana.  After taking a couple years to enjoy some travel and time with our girls, we are happy to say we are accepting new estates. Our top two questions in our store are, “Where do we find all this amazing stuff, and how can we sell our own items?” The answer to both of these questions can be an estate sale. Estate sales are the biggest growing trend for estate liquidation and for a great reason.  Families accumulate generations of quality items, but after family members take a few sentimental items there is often a large amount left over.  This is where we come in.  We will come look over your estate and set up a personalized showing of your items. We clean, organize, price and display your collection to appeal to a large variety of buyers.  With our vast knowledge of antiques and the current market trends we will maximize your return while cleaning out your home and getting it one step closer to listing on the market.

We already have a large base of customers who follow our shop and we advertise our sales on social media, estate sale web sites, local newspapers and yard signs.  Our customers love to find one of a kind pieces at estate sales and they are already asking for more.  At our estate sales,  shoppers come and go as they please and browse already priced items.  This allows for more interest in items than at an auction, and the more interest, the more profit of the estate.  Every item is accounted for and price based on our knowledge of the market.  We provide a detailed list of everything sold to the family and an estate attorney if needed.  Multi-generational rural estate sales are especially sought after since the farmhouse and vintage trends have taken over the nation.

So give us a call or email us!  Firehouse Antiques is seeking large estates of at least 2 to 3 generations of families who want to sell their entire estate. We want to see it all!  Even the items you may not think are valuable.  We ask families not to clean out homes prior to our consultation.  You may see that old kitchen sink or dusty quilt as having little value, but sometimes those are highly sought after and rare items in our market.  Yes, the right kind of kitchen sinks do sell and so does everything under them.  We ask our new clients to leave everything in the house and we will come in and do everything for them.

And if you’re reading this post looking for our next estate sale it’s in Evansville near Franklin Street in the Spring of 2019.  Make sure to like our Facebook page to stay current with our upcoming sales.  You can also join our mailing list from our website and we will email you estate sale information. We list all our sales in the local newspaper and Firehouse Antiques Facebook Events. We also utilize the websites and when needed. Call or email us with any questions or to set up a consultation.  Also, keep in mind we are always looking for items to purchase for our store if you don’t think you have enough for an estate sale.


Hey everyone! My name in Cindy Smotherman. I’m a beginner blogger. My husband Jeff and I live in small town America, the Town of New Harmony, Indiana. We have over 27 years of antique experience and we own and operate Firehouse Antiques. Check out our page and feel free to contact us!


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