Walnut Floating Shelves decorated with vintage mid century genie bottle, vintage postcard in frame and modern accessories from Home Store
Our Fixer Upper

Mid Century Home Virtual Tour, Guest Bath Reveal


Another week has gone by and we are no longer saying Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, we simply say “day!” Anyone else with me on this?  Keeping a daily routine helps my day flow and no matter what I get done, I try and stay grateful. I am making use of this time to evaluate and improve the way we share our business. This week’s challenge was working on our Firehouse Antiques’ Pinterest Page. It’s still a work in progress, but we hope you will check it out and follow us.

Or Mid Centry Guest Bath Before and After

Now on to the virtual tour. Our guest bathroom was originally the only bathroom in the house. As you can see here, almost everything about this bathroom had to change except the wonderful laundry chute. This is such a great convenience, more on that later.  And yes, I found two before photos!  I know and appreciate that this bathroom served the previous family since 1950 and functioned well for them through the years, but our needs are different and I must say having two bathrooms upstairs is working very well for us. I think I am most excited about sharing this room because it is my favorite tile in the house.

Before shower photo, mid century fixer upper
Shower Before

Both bathrooms are located right across the hall from our bedroom and the guest bedroom. I am so glad we took the time to really process our needs. The layout of the entire house is working so well with how we live. Having the bathrooms right across the hall means in the middle of the night, half asleep you have two choices. In the Firehouse, we had to go down a long hallway in the middle of the night and we still laugh about how I had night lights all the way down the hall,  like runway lights in an airfield to the bathroom.

Now let’s talk about the tile, oh how I love this tile! I believe it was my second visit to Louisville Tile when I saw this tile. I wish you could see the details because no photo will do it justice. It has several textures and sparkles, it’s like having 6 or more different tiles to enjoy. After I picked this floor tile, Laura and our Louisville Tile representative helped to find the perfect coordinating shower wall tile and grout. I do have to admit when we first saw the tile going up the shower it didn’t seem to match until it was grouted. The best thing about a local tile store like Louisville Tile is the assistance you receive and this was so important regarding our grout color. I had no idea that it was so important until this project.  At a store where you have professional assistance you have an individual contact who will work with your contractor, tile installer or decorator. I am so grateful we chose Louisville Tile.

After deciding we needed two bathrooms, this one became the guest bathroom. We followed the original floor tile layout because we liked how the bathroom floor sloped to the drain. I love the light that glass shower doors let into a space and I wanted to show off our subway tile with a herringbone design. We hoped that the all glass door would work well and it did. We went with Siemers Glass for the shower doors and again working with professionals paid off, because we found out that shower doors can swing both ways.

shower tile after photo, new tile from Louisville Tile, Black white and gray floor tile, subway tile walls
Shower Tile After

This bathroom already had built in shelving and a laundry chute which we loved, so we kept the frame of the shelves and left the shelves open for towels. We also recreated a push door panel for the laundry chute. Jeff and I both love this feature. I didn’t realize how much space dirty clothes take up. I didn’t have to think of what I was going to do with a clothes hamper and I was able to use an old laundry cart at the bottom to hold the laundry in our basement. I have loved this vintage laundry cart since I bought it and I was using it in the shop to hold pillows. I will share the laundry cart when we get to the basement reveal.

Once again, we asked John Crum to create our vanity. He was able to create a custom vanity at a lower cost and eventually he also made one to match it for our master bathroom.  Since this was his first build before the master, I had never seen his work. I still look at them and smile thinking about the day his wife texted me photos when they put them in place.  I was so happy with the decision to trust him. I’ve told him he needs to sign his pieces because they are definitely works of art. He also utilized all the space in the drawers which was another pleasant surprise.

Now we move on to the sink inside the vanity, the lights and mirror. All these came from photo inspirations but were all purchased here locally. The sink came from Kitchen Interiors and the lights and mirror were purchased from Illuminating Expressions, both in Evansville, Indiana. I have created a list below with links in case you are interested.

The last thing we did was just yesterday, we styled the walnut shelves. As we all adjust to our new normal, Laura did some virtual styling from her house via text. Her husband John dropped off three bags of accessories and I added a few vintage pieces to style the walnut floating shelves. Once again, I loved what Laura chose. See for yourself. Let’s see if you can spot the vintage.

Modern Bathroom reveal 2020, black and white tile, walnut vanity on legs
Modern Bathroom Reveal

I am so pleased with how this space turned out and I truly feel like Laura Werner and I created a work of art. She definitely gets the credit for bringing me all the choices and so much more (her idea for the matching walnut floating shelves.) I knew I wanted a neutral home without a lot of clutter and a much more modern feel than our home before. I wanted simplicity and to honor the history and style of the house. Just because it has a barn in the back yard, didn’t mean it had to be decorated in a farmhouse style. The exterior of the house has always said Mid Century to me so this was my chance to redo a Mid Century house, even though it took me a while to actually enjoy doing it. We still love the Firehouse and we were very happy there, but we realized as we both get older the steps, lack of storage and high ceilings created problems for us. I knew we would eventually transition to a home like this one, we are so happy that it is here in New Harmony.

What more can I say? We are so grateful for everything in our house and the beauty of where we live. We love our neighborhood and our neighbors, the yard, we even planted a small garden. Who knew living 16 years in a Firehouse would make us long for a yard again?

Let me know your guess on the vintage items on the shelves in the comments below. We love to hear from those who visit our blog and commenting lets us know you were here.

See you soon for our next reveal….

Walnut Floating Shelves decorated with vintage mid century genie bottle, vintage postcard in frame and modern accessories from Home Store
Walnut Floating Shelves w mix of Vintage and Modern


Designer – Interiors by Laura Werner

Bathroom Fixtures: KES Robe and Towel Hook from Amazon 

Bathroom Faucet – KES Bathroom Sink Faucet from Amazon and sink stopper from Amazon

Rain Shower Head and Extender Arm from Amazon

Towel Racks from Amazon

Robe and Towel Hook from Amazon

Shower Wall Tile – Louisville Tile, Evansville, IN – Subway Tile Color by Numbers, Herringbone Pattern

Bathroom Sink – Vanity Top, Kitchen Interiors Hi Macs solid surface

Bathroom Floor – Louisville Tile, Evansville, IN – Porcelain Mosaic modular series

Glass Shower Doors – Siemer’s Glass, Evansville, IN

Lights – Capital Lighting from Illuminating Expressions, Evansville, IN

Mirror -Shades of Light from Illuminating Expressions, Evansville, IN

All other items were purchased at Home Goods.

Walnut Floating Shelves & Vanity – Handmade by John Crum, local New Harmony, In contractor

**Please note there are a few affiliate links in this post – if you purchase, you don’t get charged any extra for your choices but I may receive a small commission for referring a product to you.

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