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The New Harmony Antique Show

New Harmony, Indiana Antique Show Dealer 2019
Karen Grossman, American Home & Country
Crazy Quilt hanging on the wall, Open Antique Wall Cupboard full of Americana decor, Wood Pantry Boxes in a stack, American Quilts, Game Boards, and vintage Toys on a table, all exhibited in an antique show booth
Gretchen Wilson Antiques
A sample of Red Rooster Two located inside the Ribeyre Gym at last year’s show.


On June 8th and 9th, we welcome you to the 18th annual New Harmony Antique Show located in picturesque downtown New Harmony, Indiana.  This is a one-of-a-kind, indoor and outdoor, exclusive collection of authentic antiques, vintage décor, furniture, and collectibles located directly on Main Street and in the Ribeyre Gymnasium.

Just a little backstory on our Firehouse Antiques journey, it was at this event in 2003 that Jeff fell in love with New Harmony and called me excited to buy the town’s 100 year old firehouse so we could live out our dream of owning an antique shop in a small town. After I visited New Harmony with Jeff the following week, we knew this would be our home. We packed up our business in Tennessee and moved our two girls to this small town in Indiana. We have accomplished a lot in New Harmony over the last 16 years. We received the first Jane B. Owen Award for Historic Preservation in 2005, our Firehouse was featured on HGTV, and within the last year we also bought a barn, a mid century fixer upper, a cottage,  and for the last 15 years we have managed the New Harmony Antique Show that originally brought us here.

Our town’s event continues to expand and this year plans to be our best show yet.  We are happy to have many returning dealers as well as some special dealers who are exhibiting for the first time. We have over 50 dealers from 6 different states who will fill the town gym and Main Street with antiques, vintage decor, furniture and collectibles.  We take pride that this event hosts only authentic antique and vintage items allowing our customers to feel confident in their purchases.

Some of Red Rooster Two’s Spring finds.

To highlight some of our returning vendors, we have the Red Rooster Two Antiques owned by Bill and Karen Hopper in Vincennes, Indiana.  Bill and Karen do antique shows in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio and specialize in early American country smalls and furniture from the 1800’s. Most of their items come from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  Check out their website, which exhibits some fantastic unusual and hard to find smalls, early folk art, and both painted and unpainted furniture. Be sure to like and follow them on Facebook.

The Heartland Hoarder

The Heartland Hoarder is owned by Rodney and Carol Logan and they are located in New Harmony, Indiana.  Rodney and Carol are amazing at finding fabulous farmhouse decor inside local barns and farms throughout Southern Indiana and Illinois.  They have an active Facebook page, which features spectacular items like wrought iron chairs, Massey Harris seed planter boxes, galvanized wash basins, and old whiskey barrels.  Follow Rodney and Carol on Facebook and let your imagination soar with all the ways you can re-purpose, repair, and reuse their latest picks to accent your home.

Spring set up for Beth Hanneken

Another favorite returning vendor is Beth Hanneken. She is an Evansville, IN native and frequents our antique events here in New Harmony. She enjoys blending her love for antiques and plants.

New Harmony Antique Show
Rod Lich & Susan Parrett are dealers at the New Harmony Antique Show

This year, we are excited to welcome Rod Lich and Susan Parrett Antiques. They will be bringing their wonderful collection from Georgetown, Indiana. They have a wide variety of architectural pieces and farm flair.

Antique Furniture inside an antique booth, american farmhouse
Karen Grossman, American Home & Country

Also new, we have American Home & Farm which is owned by Karen Grossman and located at Warson Woods Antique Gallery in Washington, Missouri.  Karen specializes in shabby chic, and what she calls “crusty and rusty industrial” vintage. She is a treat to talk to and has so many ideas for vintage home décor, farmhouse style, original art, upcycled and refurbished finds, garden inspiration.  This will be her first year at New Harmony, so make sure to follow and like her page on Facebook to see her latest and greatest blasts from the past. 

Antique Pie Case, Painted Buckets, Old Advertising Boxes, White Acorn decorated Shutters
Just a sample of what the Primitive Chicks specialize in!

The Primitive Chicks is owned by Terri Copeland and Vicky Williams and located in Chandler, Indiana.  This is their first year at our event in New Harmony, too. They will be bringing unique American furniture and garden antiques. You can find them on Facebook at ThePrimitiveChicks.

Gretchen Wilson is one of our new out of state dealers. She is bringing her fresh finds all the way from Kansas for this event. She manages Dazzle Estate Sales & Service and has an eye for fun and unique early farmhouse items.

This is just a sample of the dealers that will set up their collections inside Ribeyre Gym or on Main Street all day Saturday and Sunday.  We also have several antique shops in town who will have their shops open for the event. You will be able to find everything from large antique cupboards to vintage toys. Each year we are impressed by the quality of merchandise that our vendors bring and the amazing turnout to our small town.

Rosies Sweet Tea, food truck
Sweet Tea & Jesus Food Truck, New Harmony Antique Show 2019
Rick Pharr and his Food Truck, Greased Lightning
Bruce Li Food Truck
Bruce Li Evansville, IN Food Truck

The Antique Show starts 9am on Saturday and Sunday and ends at 5pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday. It is held rain or shine and admission is free. Make this weekend a getaway and reserve your lodging early at one of our B&Bs by visiting For food and drink this year, we have Sweet Tea & Jesus, Greased Lightening food truck, Roadside Fruit Twisters, and Bruce Li, just to name a few. New Harmony also has many local restaurants including Sara’s Harmony WayThe Yellow Tavern, Red Geranium, and the new bakery and gift shop, Caper’s Emporium. We cannot wait to see you all so be sure to mark your calendars for June 8th and 9th!

Hey everyone! My name in Cindy Smotherman. I’m a beginner blogger. My husband Jeff and I live in small town America, the Town of New Harmony, Indiana. We have over 27 years of antique experience and we own and operate Firehouse Antiques. Check out our page and feel free to contact us!

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